The Principle of Brotherhood

Assalamualaikum to all the viewers of this lihat,fikir, amal blog. May Allah bless us all in every moment we are still in this world. Today I would like to write about the principle of  brotherhood or what we usually call that, is ukhuwah. On the other hand, what is the basic in ukhuwah. Every people always talk about ukhuwah, ukhuwah and ukhuwah but do you know what ukhuwah is it?

My murobbi said to me and my friends in a liqo' last week. She told me that there are three important things in the principle or concept of ukhuwah. Firstly, سلامة الصدر  (salaamatun sodri) or be positive to our friends' wrong doing and their manners. Also we try to consider and accept difference thinking and views by our friends and us.

Secondly, another principle of ukhuwah is توازن  (tawazun) or we call balance and fairness to our friends. It happens in order to balance our priority to this friend and other friends without any difference and hurt each another though one of our friend is poor, not smart, or ugly. But we try to befriend with them fairly no matter who and how are them.

Last but not least is إثار (ithar) or the easiest meaning of this principle is put the priority of our friends more than ours. We are willing to sacrify anything such as our money, time, and maybe our life for our friends. But This principle is the most important and it is the fisrt class of ukhuwah.

These three principles of ukhuwah seem easier to practice, right? You are wrong if you say like that. They are seem very easy, but in fact there are a lot of difficults to do that things. But, they will be very easy if you appriciate and know the value of ukhuwah in a muslim's life with strong faith in ourselves.

What has Allah SWT says in Al-Quran about ukhuwah? Allah says: "The Believers are but a single Brotherhood" [Surah Al-Hujurat verse 10]

Allah's Mesengger (may the peace and blessings of Allah upon him) also said about ukhuwah: "A muslim is the brother of another muslim, so he could not opress him, forsake him, or despise him".

So, for the conclusion, lets together appreciate our friends and befriends with them kindly and love them through the bottom of our heart. Why we should to do like that? It's because we are muslims. Love ukhuwah and brotherhood  in life of a muslim is the best proof that you love Allah SWT and the Prophet Muhammad SAW.

May Allah bless us and give us His rahmah and berkah in our life with du'a and hope that may Allah always give us opportunity to continue our ukhuwah with all muslims lovely and happily till Jannah, insya Allah....Wallahu a'lam.

p/s: Sorry for the really broken grammar...


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