Short post : Muqaddimah of English section.

I think that's a long time I've not written something in English, as such as speaking  in English. I tried to speak in English myself a few days ago, but it's quite weird and there's a lot of mixing between English and Arabic. But I wonder something, that is Malay is my national language, by the way Arabic is Addeen Islam language and English is universal language which is using through all the world.

So, I take this opportunity from Allah The Most Gracious and The Most Merciful through this blogspot to improve my language skill which is left by me since I've graduated from my secondary school. Though it's quite difficult, I will try all my best for the sake of Islam and dakwah.

Nowadays, mesengger of dakwah or we call  daie are no more effective in bringing islam to the people. Why this could happen? I think that's because the lack of softskill by them. That's right if we say each people have their softskill and ways by themselves in introducing Islam to the people, but for me, in the 'darkness' of the world today, by hook or by crook, daie have to try to conquer this universal language instead of Malay and Arabic languages.

I think that's all for my post this time...Though it's just a short post with simple words and I wonder that's a lot of grammatical error, but I hope all of you can understand me and I truly hope this muqaddimah could be continuous soon for the coming days, Insya Allah...Lets my friends...improve our language...Don't leave it alone without learning and practicing...because...Islam need it..We as daie need it...for the sake of Islam....Takbir!! Allahu Akbar....wallahu a'lam.


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